Comprehensive Birth Doula Services in Seattle and Surrounding Areas

From the moment I am hired, I'm available for unlimited phone calls, text messages, and emails. I typically wrap up birth support around 8 weeks after the birth, but my door stays open to all my clients if connection or guidance (or doula support for a new baby!) is wanted in the future.

My services include 2 - 3 visits before labor starts, with at least 1 being in person, and another 2 - 3 visits after the birth, with at least 1 being in person.

In our prenatal visits, I'll learn about -

I also like to have a thorough discussion about -

I am on call 24 hours/day starting two weeks before the due date but will do everything I can to provide support as I normally would if labor starts before 38 weeks. During labor, phone support starts as soon as you call me, and from there we will decide together when my in-person support will start. I am happy to join families at home before they transfer to their birth setting (for those that are not giving birth at home). In some cases I meet you at the birth setting. In any case, I'll provide emotional support, hands-on physical support to your liking, and offer suggestions and guidance to help you decide what comfort measures to use as you progress from early labor, to active labor, to pushing and giving birth. I have completed a workshop with Spinning Babies®, so I provide this guidance by following your lead and observing your labor pattern and progress through the lens of biomechanics, which gives me clues about what's happening on the inside in terms of your baby's position. Although childbirth is almost always intense and vastly transformative, my goal in providing this guidance is to help you have a labor and birth that is potentially easier for you and for your baby, and doesn't compromise your physical or emotional safety. I will also support your decision-making process and help facilitate productive conversations with medical staff, as needed. I remain with you and your family for up to 2 hours after the birth to help all family members find the road to recovery by the time I leave.

In our postpartum visits, I'll learn about - 

And, as needed, I will connect families to the wide range of professional supports available in the area for parents and for babies, including lactation support, mental health support, bodywork, and many others.

I am also happy to incorporate any specific requests to the best of my ability and to honor the unique spiritual and cultural practices of the families I serve.

All services outlined above are included in my sliding scale cost of $2,500 - $3,000.

I also offer virtual birth planning support for $50/hour for families seeking guidance to prepare for labor and birth that are not seeking the comprehensive support as outlined above. 

Please contact me for more info!