As a soon to be dad, I didn't really know what to expect when hiring a doula. I wanted someone there to help me with helping my partner through everything without taking away from some of the moments we would share together. Britney was a great support for the both of us and we don't know what we would have done without her. I felt pretty clueless when it came to the whole process of labor and delivery even after all the classes. Britney was there to help explain everything going on and to help me be the best partner throughout the whole experience. We plan to hire Britney in the future and highly recommend her to anyone interested in or considering hiring a doula.

We were initially on the fence about hiring a doula. After meeting Britney, we decided to hire her and we are so thankful that we did! Britney was an amazing source of support leading up to the birth and absolutely incredible during the labor/birth/postpartum periods of our journey. She knew the right questions to ask when unexpected challenges came up, provided calming guidance throughout the whole experience, and so much more. Britney is extremely knowledgeable and the strength from her experience shows. We are so grateful Britney walked with us through the birth of our first child and definitely plan to hire her again when we have more babies in the future. Britney is FANTASTIC at what she does and I hope you get to have the chance to have Britney be apart of your family's journey too.

Britney is wonderful to work with and a fantastic doula! She is knowledgeable, compassionate and has a great sense of humor. We felt at ease with her right away. She supported us, made us feel less anxious about the birth, and was an excellent advocate while we were in the hospital. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Being a first time parent and unsure of what to expect, the one thing I was certain of was wanting extra support. Britney was highly recommended to me by my OB. Britney's prior experience working with Swedish and her familiarity with the providers and the hospital were huge selling points even before I met her. Once we interviewed, I immediately knew her calm, warm demenor and insightfulness were the exact things I was looking for. Her guidance is knowledge-backed and based on plenty of experience which helped put my mind at ease. 

We discussed my birth plan ahead and she helped me consider things I hadn't even thought of. These conversations allowed me to feel empowered during the delivery to make my choices known and supported when I didn't know how. Britney was incredibly intuitive and offered suggestions while still allowing me to navigate the process with autonomy. The meetings we had prior to delivery helped me feel reassured and prepared the best I think I could have been for something I never experienced.

She also followed up with us and provided support after our baby was born - having someone who understood exactly what I went through and witnessed it first hand is really special. Being a new parent exhausting and wonderful. Not having to explain these things while having complete understanding from someone is really remarkable.  

I am so grateful for Britney and all of her kindness and wisdom throughout the whole process. I would recommend her to anyone who is even considering growing their family. If we decide to have another child in the future, we will definitely want Britney to be a part of that chapter, too.


Time spent with Britney was the most important and valuable part of my prenatal journey and hospital delivery. She prompted doctors and nurses with questions I didn't know to ask, truly supported my feelings and decisions, and ensured my partner was empowered to play a role. I appreciated that our relationship continued postpartum, as by that time she felt like part of the family! She checked in on us regularly, by phone and in person. She is an absolutely gifted care giver and incredibly knowledgeable in her field.

I feel blessed to have Britney as my doula. Without her, I wouldn't have had such an empowering and transformative birth experience. Her pre-delivery visit and zoom calls helped prepare us well for the delivery. During the labor process, Britney made me feel safe and empowered: She encouraged me to advocate for my needs; her calming voice and words of affirmation helped me cope with pain during the contractions; her in-depth knowledge helped us make informative decisions every step of the way. In addition, her help didn't stop at the delivery room. Her post delivery visits / followups made me feel well supported and I know I can always turn to her with questions.

Britney made the overall process such a beautiful journey. My husband and I would highly recommend her!

When I first met Britney one of the first things I noticed was how confident and compassionate she is. She was consistantly providing me resources for every question and complaint about pregnancy. She was so patient listening to my anxieties and working with her has improved my ability to ask for what I deserve. Having someone that I could get resources from as well as reassurance from was huge especially when my OBGYN always seemed so rushed to get through our appointments. Together with my husband, Britney helped us come up with a plan for every scenario and talking through the options I didn't even want to think about. While I didn't have a pregnancy filled with complications she put my mind at ease, I wasn't expecting so much before I went into delivery.

However, delivery is when I really saw the benefits to hiring her. Britney spent 2 days with us in the hospital while I was in labor. I didn't want an epidural due to my fear of needles, so she was there with me every step of the way. Her words of encouragement made me feel powerful. Ultimately, I ended up having a c-section, I was terrified. Not only was I getting a needle in my spine but I was also going to be awake through a major surgery. I had been through days of labor but I felt I like I had failed. She consistantly reminded me all that I had done so much to get to this point. I honestly believe that without her being in the OR with us I would not have been able to sit still I was shaking so much. With Britney by my side cheering me on and advocating on my behalf I made it through one of the most intense experiences of my life. I will recommend her to anyone, she really impacted my life and I will be forever grateful that she was part of my birth experience.

Her care did not stop there, she also checked up on me several times postpartum and provided me with the resources I needed to handle the intense postpartum emotions. Anyone would be fortunate to have her in their corner.
- AW

Our experience with Britney was fantastic! She is a warm and thoughtful person that made us feel safe the entire time we worked with her. As the husband in the equation, I can say that Britney added a tremendous level of support that helped me feel at ease through the pregnancy and birth. What I appreciated the most was Britney's disarming and fun personality. She was always calm and collected, and was never afraid to smile and laugh which raised our spirits. Thanks Britney!

Britney was wonderful to work with! I attribute being able to have a vaginal birth with her knowledge an advocacy by way of letting us know that attempting to turn the baby was an option and vocalizing that to the doctor. She's very supportive and non-judgemental. We had support before, during, and after having the baby. She's also very knowledgable about options that you have for different things (ex. pain strategies, birthing positions, postpartum mom groups).

I would recommend Britney to anyone who wants some extra birthing support. She was and is great!

Britney is a wonderful doula, who helped me a lot during my late pregnancy period, delivery, and postpartum period. As a first time mom, I was very anxious about what I'm going to face. Britney's zoom call and in-person visit gave me a lot confidence and make me feel prepared for delivery. During postpartum, I'm having trouble with breastfeeding and taking care of a fuzzy infant. She also gave me very valuable suggestions and options to help me overcome that period.

I feel I am very lucky to be able to work with Britney. She is not only patient, accommodating to me and my hushand, she is also very knowledgeable in her area and can provide a lot of great resources when we needed them. She gave us many very good suggestions before, during and after labor. She is like a friend who is an advocate for us after I was admitted to the hospital. I definitely would recommend her to anyone that I know needs a doula.

I would recommend Britney to everyone! As I looked for a doula, she was the one who responded the quickest and I appreciated how responsive and communicative she was from the start! I felt immediately comfortable talking to her virtually and I knew I picked the right one. I'm a first time mom and generally anxious person and it really helped having someone supportive, knowledgeable and kind in my corner. She had so many resources that I used to help get me through a rough third trimester (I had a lot of discomfort and trouble moving around).

I ended up being scheduled for a breech baby, but I was still happy to have Britney with me at the hospital. My baby ended up not being breech on the scheduled day. But the giant fibroid ended up being in the way and I chose to have a c section anyway. Britney was always an advocate for me (helpful since I often am afraid to do this for myself) and was always open to helping me consider other options.

Britney was also so supportive postpartum and always checked up on how we were doing. It felt so nice to talk to a loving ear, and receive a warm hug from someone in the early weeks of motherhood after such a difficult  surgery and recovery period. Even though it's been over three months since I've given birth, I know Britney is still someone who will always be a wonderful support and resource to me.

I am so thankful that Britney was part of my birth experience and my life.

As a first time parent, I was on the fence about whether or not I wanted a doula. But as my due date approached and talks of an induction started due to my medical history, I began to feel really anxious about how delivery was going to go. My husband and I reached out to Britney and from our first conversation, she made us feel like we were already working with her. She was so thoughtful and knowlegeable. She asked about us and our journey to parenthood, as well as if we had any questions/concerns about the induction process and what prepping for that would look like. That first conversation alone made me feel more confident, calm and excited about my upcoming delivery. I knew I was in good hands with Britney, and she was the doula I wanted in the room. I ended up going into labor on my own and didn't need an induction after all. And on the day, my husband and I were so grateful to have Britney on our team. She helped me advocate for myself with my medical team, coached me through different positions to help labor progress and was a great energy to have in the room. My labor progressed really quickly towards the end, so much so that I had to stop pushing because there was no attendee in the room (just a very scared resident who had never delivered a baby before). It could've been a stressful moment, but between Britney and our nurse, I felt totally safe. My husband and I had a wonderful delivery experience, and Britney was a huge part of that. I can't sing her praises enough! Thank you Britney!

Britney was the on-call doula during my labor and I dont think I would have made it through without her. She facilitated many pain alleviation techniques as I labored for several hours as well as setting a great birthing enviorment with electric candles. 

Most importantly, during the pushing phase, I had been pushing for close to 2-2.5 hours making small progress with my labor and delivery nurse. It wasnt until Britney came and gave advice to  try a different position (knees inward) that would be more effective based on current positioning of the baby. After that small change, I started to make significant progress and within 15-30 mins, I delivered a healthy baby boy and was able to avoid additional interventions (foreceps, etc).

It was one of the best decisions my husband and I had ever made to have Britney as our birth doula. Britney impressed us since our first consultation session online. She answered all questions with knowledge and care. Britney emailed me helpful information prior to my delivery. She visited us at home and had a thourough discussion about my birth plan. I called her at 3am when my contraction started, and she gave me advice over the phone every few hours until I was admitted by hospital 32 hours later(first pregnancy, cervix opened slowly). Once I was admitted by hospital, she came in at once(triage room only allowed 2 people so she couldn't come earlier). She helped me stick to my birth plan, and I was able to say no when a resident doctor wanted to observe my labor process and two nurses wanted to give me a cervix check twice for learning purpose. She also helped me go though contractions by adjusting my positions and massage. Britney noticed details that made a difference in labor. When I finally decided to have epidural, she set me up and removed a cloth underneath my left leg to make sure I sit evenly. My epidual worked really well, and Britney helped me changing positions thoughout the contraction and pushing process. With her help, my pushing went smoothly and took 30min. She stayed in hopstial with us for 16 hours until my baby was born and had skin-to-skin with me. After delivery, Britney also supported me tremendously. I was stressed out after coming back home from hospital because of challenges in breastfeeding and relationships. Britney followed up with me and we had a call at night. That call brought back my sanity and helped me prioritize. Britney also said multiple times that she was supporting both my husband and I, and asked my husband to feel free to reach out. Once we were ready for visitors, she visited us at home and wanted to see if there was anything to support. Britney is beyond our expectation, and she is a wonderful birth doula!

I cannot recommend Britney enough!! We were lucky enough to have her as a doula unexpectedly. I didn't know how much I would need one or want one. She was incredibly kind, a great advocate, knowledgeable, and listened to my needs. I had an unexpected c-section and she came with us to the delivery room. It was a scary situation and Britney made it so much more bearable. She talked me through everything happening and helped my husband. I am just so grateful for her and wish everyone who gave birth could have her as a doula!

Our experience with Britney was fabulous! She was real with us about expectations (pre and post birth) and fully prepared us for the day I'd go into labor. It felt good knowing she'd be there for us when the time came, especially because I was planning to have an unmedicated birth.

Of course, things don't always go as we expect. My baby turned breech just a few weeks before my due date. Britney was there with me as a resource as I weighed my options and she provided emotional support. Even though I did try a few methods to try to flip our baby back the other way, I ended up having a scheduled cesarean in the end. Though we didn't get to use her assistance in easing labor pains, Britney was there with her essential oils (my savior) to relax me during the surgery. She also took some of the best pictures we have of our new family during that day. 

Lastly, what I will remember Britney for most is her support during the postpartum period. She checked in with us regularly and validated our experiences. She was one of the people who gently encouraged me to talk to someone about how I was feeling. She said more than once that it could be a "game changer". She was never pushy. Eventually, I did listen to her and sought help. I got treated for PPD and I definitely should have followed her advice sooner. I'll always be thankful for this gentle advice, as it really was a game changer. 

Anyways, aside from all of this, Britney's a cool cat. She's laid back and caring. She's a great person to have as your sidekick during this crazy time. I appreciate you, Britney!

We are so grateful we had Britney supporting us before, during and after the birth of our second child. Based on my previous birth I knew I wanted more support and more knowledge going into labor. Britney listened to my previous birth story and helped me build a birth plan that was healing and allowed me to feel truly prepared. We had to have a cesarean birth and thanks to Britney I went into that feeling confident in the process and in my choices. Following the birth there were complications that led to more procedures and time in the hospital than we had expected. We had Britney there in person supporting us through the most challenging moments of our lives. Over the next few difficult days she was checking in by phone and in person. We never expected to need as much support as we did but we were so glad to have Britney with us. She not only stayed in close contact she also helped find other resources and helped keep track of the complicated days following the birth. Recovery from a situation like this is never fast or easy but it has felt so much less alone knowing Britney was with us from the start of it. Her knowledge of the birthing process, her familiarity with the hospital/staff, as well as her calm confident presence was invaluable.

We couldn’t have been luckier to have Britney as our doula.  She is warm, personable and provided a lot of pre and post birth support thru a series of home visits and questions to understand what our ideal birth looked like.  Her questions and knowledge were highly preparatory and anxiety relieving for me as this was my first birthing experience. 

I was having hip pain towards the end of my pregnancy and she found a chiropractor who adjusts pregnant women and it relieved my pain.  She also provided lots of great resources and info for breast feeding, pregnancy stretches and exercises- all which I think gave me a great birthing experience, I was quite lucky with a shorter than usual labor. She included my partner in the consultations and that helped lessen his fears and be a better support partner for me.  Loved Britney’s relaxed demeanor and she felt like a friend and family member from the beginning, connect with her, she’s amazing!

I can't say enough good things about Britney! I was torn between including my mom vs. a doula as the second support person allowed at Swedish L&D and can confidently say I made the right choice. Britney met with us several times prior to labor, answering hundreds of my questions and following up after the meeting with additional resources. We prepared for an unmedicated delivery, but I decided on an epidural after a multi-day exhausting labor.  Britney provided not only moral/informational support but also physical support - including forward leaning inversion, hip squeezes during contractions, getting set up with a peanut ball, and holding a towel to pull on during pushing. She made sure my preferences were honored during the birth and helped walk me through a difficult decision of trying a vacuum assisted delivery (which worked!) We also appreciated having a partner who knew the Swedish hospital and could remind us of things like ordering food before the cafeteria closed! It made such a difference having a birth expert at our side throughout the process - especially one with a sense of humor and calm demeanor. Britney provided support for my husband as well, making sure his questions were answered and needs were met. We spoke on the phone and met several times postpartum; it meant a lot to have someone check-in and discuss the things that family/friends wouldn't necessarily ask about or understand. My birth could have been an unhappy one due to the difficult labor and change in plans but instead I remember it as a positive experience - thanks to the love and intimate support from Britney!

Having Britney as our doula was truly a wonderful experience. Prior to the birth, she was great to work with, providing us with a wealth of resources to help us prepare as well as regularly checking in to make sure we were both feeling alright with things. On the day that my wife went into labor, Britney was absolutely invaluable to both of us. Prior to going to the hospital she routinely checked in to see how labor was progressing as well as offering advice on how my wife could help to progress things. When we decided it was time to arrive at the hospital, Britney really showed the value that a doula is able to bring. For my wife, Britney was able to bring a toolkit of support. She guided her through different positions that could help with the pain and help progress the labor along, and was an experienced voice to ensure that my wife's needs were being met. For myself, she was an emotionally calm and stable presence in the room that I knew I could rely on to help with the overwhelming experience. When it came time for the actual pushing, she provided literal physical support to my wife, acting as a familiar face and voice that my wife could count on to help. Post partum Britney continued to show care and attention, regularly checking in with our new family to see how we were handling the transition, physically and mentally. She went above and beyond treating us as just clients, and I would not at all hesitate to recommend her to any expecting parents.

Britney was out Doula for our 2nd child. Although we thought we knew what to expect from the delivery process, Britney reminded us a lot of things we have forgotten. She was available for us at any time we needed her, day or night. She helped me to be better prepared to cope with the pain. In the last minute, we had to change hospital and Britney was flexible and supportive.

With my first child, I felt that giving birth was a process that was happening to me. With this child birth, thanks to Britney's support, I took an active role in and had a very positive experience. I highly recommend working with her.

We became pregnant with our first child unexpectantly – a true pandemic baby.  We knew we needed help and after interviewing a few doulas that did not hit the mark for us, we were so thrilled to meet Britney!  We found Britney to be warm, extremely knowledgeable, and non-judgmental.  She gave us the tools we needed to feel confident (or at least as confident as you can be!) going into childbirth.  Britney helped us understand which interventions were negotiable within the hospital and how to advocate for ourselves as patients.  She also helped us feel confident when we had to detour from our birth plan.  During both the prenatal and postpartum periods Britney was also readily available with her support, guidance, and an abundance of resources to help make the transition to parenthood a bit easier on us. 

I told Britney after our delivery that I couldn’t have done it without her, to which she insisted that I could have (and would have!).  I guess it would have been better to say I would not have wanted to do it without her!

Britney was great before,during and after the birth of our son. She was always quick to respond to our calls and willing to pass along helpful resources. Though I opted for an epidural and didn't use her services during labor as much as I had anticipated, I still really appreciated having her in my corner!

Navigating pregnancy and birth can be complicated, scary, and daunting. We can say without a doubt including Britney was one of the best decisions we made to bring our baby into the world. She has so much experience, is a great listener, and provides thoughtful responses and guidance. As first time parents, she helped put our minds at ease and build confidence in ourselves to make it an enjoyable experience. Not only was she by our side for our child's birth over multiple days and all through the night, she was also there for us leading up to birth with key meetings to talk through details we had not thought of. We highly recommend Britney!

Britney supported the births of both my children. The births were very different. My husband and I agree Britney was indispensable for both. My first was loooooooong and medicated, my second was lightning-fast and unmedicated. Britney was a supportive, loving, ROCK both times!

I am anxious by nature, and Britney’s energy was exactly what I needed in the months leading up to the births and the births themselves. My husband is not easy to impress, but he was always impressed by Britney’s ability to remember the details of my first birth and my hopes/fears for the second. She’s a masterful listener. I was especially terrified when told there was no time for an epidural (something I’d dreaded my whole life).  Britney knew just how to calm me down and fire me up at the same time in that magic way she does.

These days, when I reflect on the births of my children, my strongest memory is Britney by my side, holding my hand (or my leg), grunting and breathing with me, supporting me in a way no one else did - not my lovely husband or father, not the hardworking nurses, not my excellent doctors. Britney is an immensely talented and very special doula. She was perfect for me. I could sing her praises for ages. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Although we had been trying to get pregnant for a few years, when it did finally happen, it took me and my husband by surprise. At my initial visit with my doctor, she recommended looking into the Swedish birthing classes. But, being COVID times, all classes were virtual. I’d had a few friends recommend using a doula, so we gave it a shot.  Having Britney as part of our care team was a total game-changer. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew I was looking for someone who could help us feel prepared for a successful pregnancy and birth experience. Britney exceeded our expectations. The time she spent with us prior to the birth was educational and also awesomely tailored to our needs and personalities. We left every session feeling relaxed, empowered and informed.   Britney was a true partner during our labor experience. As so many people say, things didn’t go as planned for us. Britney’s reassurance and support were invaluable. Having her in the room, something I thought might be awkward for me, was a welcome relief. I felt confident that Britney would help me understand what was happening, and also keep my husband involved in the process. While the nurses were great, Britney was able to bring my husband into the experience in a way I don’t think we would have otherwise realized.  Our parents were a bit skeptical of us spending money on a “labor buddy,” but, by the end, they were grateful that we had. When they had questions about the baby, they'd tell us to ask Britney and report back. After our baby was born, Britney checked in with us often and also came by our house to see us. Being able to go back over the birth was an unexpectedly huge part of my postpartum healing process. I was able to work through a lot of what had happened and, instead of feeling doubt about my choices, I felt relieved that we had worked together as a team and had the best outcome possible.

I am so grateful to have had Britney as our doula for the birth of our first child. I recommend a doula for every pregnant mom I speak to now, but Britney made such a difference for us personally. Her calmness of spirit, easy-going attitude, and wealth of resources made what could have been a very stressful experience seem almost routine. Additionally, I went into labor on a Friday night, so having someone who was familiar with our hospital system (where to park, which entrance to use, and where to meet her) so that we could just walk directly to the correct nurses station (and avoid the ER) was fantastic. She stayed up with me straight through the night, giving my husband a chance to sleep before the fireworks started. When I asked him if he had anything to add, he simply said "Phenomenal. I liked her." A man of few, but weighty words. You'll know immediately if a doula is right for you, and Britney was the gal for us. Thank you so much!

What is there to say about Britney? She was a steady, guiding hand that all but assured us the arrival of our firstborn child would be memorable than traumatic. Always prepared with answers and resources, there was never a question we didn't get an answer to! Her candor was refreshing and medical knowledge spot on, making us both feel like we were always in good hands. Being clueless parents, there was also never a feeling of condescension when asking a silly question and we always felt her true mission was for our success throughout the process.

During the delivery, she knew when and where to help, and when to back off momma. Continual check-ins with her were reassuring, calming, and allowed us to not become overwhelmed by the moment. The actual delivery was about as easy as you could ask for (not implying she's a miracle-worker!) and we owe it to her for the relaxed but firm presence in helping us navigate the craziness of our May Saturday morning.

Nothing but praise for Britney; she is a fabulous doula and more importantly, a wonderful human that we were extremely grateful to have met on this journey.

Ok honestly, do yourself a favor and hire Britney you will not regret it! We interviewed multiple people, but we knew right away we wanted to hire Britney- she came highly recommended by two different people and felt like a good friend right away!  If you're any bit as clueless about babies and birth and expecting like we were, Britney will make you feel comfortable and answer all your questions so you can feel calm and relaxed going into the big day! She helped us write our birth plan and after each session she sends a detailed email with resources and recommendations for you which was super helpful. With her help, I was able to labor in the comfort of our own home until the last minute. She brought a tens unit which helped a lot with contraction pains, and helped show my husband how to squeeze my hips on the birthing ball which helped a lot as well, and encouraged baths to help with contractions. By the time we decided to leave and head to hospital I was already 10cm and started pushing!  We were only at the hospital for 2 hours total before our baby was born which was my goal- to labor at home as long as possible! She will be your best advocate- one of the nurses forgot to change my bed sheet after giving birth and was going to leave me sitting in it and she made sure to track down the nurse to change my sheet when I had no idea what was going on underneath me! She even took family photos of us at the hospital and at home afterwards. Britney you’re the best we couldn’t have done it without you!!!

Britney provided a calm, easygoing presence throughout the conversations we had prior to the birth and especially during the birth itself. In the birth she was very supportive and provided emotional and physical support and helpful guidance for contractions/pain. Without her encouragement, I would not have been able to deliver vaginally without medication as was my goal. Britney was exceedingly generous with her time before and after the birth, following up with us to check in many times.

Britney is an amazing doula!  She is incredibly supportive, knowledgeable, and great in a crisis.  Amazing during the planning, the labor, and postpartum.  We cannot imagine going through birth without her.  Seriously, hire Britney as your doula.  She worked incredibly well with the medical team, her knowledge and attention filled in very big gaps during labor.  She was great at working with our plans, ours needs, and our goals.  Amazing!

Britney was amazing! The amount of pre and post follow up as well as resources she shared with us were beyond helpful. I had somewhat of an intense birth situation and Britney was there and ready to assist. She was calm and really helped me organize my thoughts, feelings and overcome fears. Having that steady reassurance while I was facing one of my biggest concerns set the tone for a succession delivery and processing the birth afterwards. My husband and I would recommend Britney to anyone interested in having doula support during their pregnancy.

I am blessed to be able to write this testimony for Britney. I and my husband had originally planned for a vaginal delivery and since our very first contact, Britney has taken great initiative and effort in getting to know us, understanding our hopes and concerns, sharing her knowledge with us, and supporting us in creating a birth plan. However, I ended up needing an unplanned c-section due to my baby’s positioning in the womb and I still remember vividly that it was on the Thanksgiving Day of 2020 and Britney rushed to the hospital to be by my bedside to support and comfort me through the unexpected turn in my pregnancy. Even after my delivery Britney continues to check in with me to ensure we are transitioning well into parenthood. Britney is warm, caring, knowledgeable, proactive, and accommodating, just to name a few qualities that make her a great doula. I am fortunate to have Britney’s presence in my transition to parenthood and I know many expectant parents out there will find her an excellent guide, too.

We simply can't recommend working with Britney highly enough. While we weren't able to have a doula alongside us during labor and birth due to COVID restrictions, Britney met with us several times over zoom to help us create a birth plan and prepare for our birth. She's incredibly knowledgeable, insightful, open, warm and easy to talk to, and the great questions, resources and guidance she shared helped us to feel more organized and ready to navigate birth. Thanks so much for your wonderful support, Britney!

Britney was absolutely amazing! I'm so grateful to have her as my birthing doula. From the connections before having me baby to helping me through the entire birthing process and postpartum check ins. She was amazing in everything and I'm so glad she was there to help me through the laboring process. I felt so encouraged the whole time and her support helped me through the whole labor and delivery. If I have another baby I would definitely have her by my side again in a heartbeat. Her methods and coaching is wonderful. Thank you for being the best birthing doula!

I am going to fall short of words to describe what an amazing experience it was to labor with Britney as my doula. I confirmed Britney as my doula (the only doula I interviewed!), 7 days before my due date. I was skeptical whether it was good idea to have a doula so close to my due date but as my mom or sister were not going to be allowed in the hospital due to COVID restrictions, I decided to have Britney during my big day.
I went into labor at 2 am and when we called Britney to inform the same, she sure did respond so late at night! Britney joined us at the hospital at 7 am per our plan and she was with us every moment from then. Britney is so knowledgeable and understanding that based on my pain level, she helped me try different techniques to cope with it. She also provided a TENS unit which helped me a lot to deal with the pain. When my pain got very intense, I hugged and cried in her arms -she calmed me down and soothed me like my mom/sister would have. She encouraged me to cry out loud and express my feelings to deal with the pain/anxiety. When I asked for an epidural, she promptly reminded the nurse and doctor that according to my birth plan, I wouldn't prefer a resident administering it - which was right on time since I was in no state to voice my wishes due to the pain. After I got my epidural, she made sure I was comfortable and got some time to relax before we began to push. I had a long labor of with 4.5 hours of pushing - Britney was on her feet all those hours holding, encouraging, supporting, calming and reassuring me! We feel so blessed that we had Britney to support us. When we came back home with our baby, my mom, husband and I were discussing that we made the right choice to have a doula and how grateful we are that Britney was ours! I highly recommend Britney to anyone who is looking for a doula or is in two minds about having a doula (like I was) - she is very knowledgeable and has a calming effect through the process.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience working with Britney! We met in person and talked over email or the phone a few times to discuss the process before COVID. We stayed connected with virtual check ins as we all attempted to figure out this new world. Britney was amazing at staying positive and encouraging that we would all figure it out as we learned more about how to give birth in these times. The virtual sessions were a great alternative to in person and my partner and I were able to learn so much - we could go so much deeper than the child birth classes because we were able to ask more questions and get into the details of what we were interested in learning. When the time came to get ready for baby Britney was available to talk through all of our "false alarms" and provide guidance and next steps that made us feel calm and at ease. My labor ended up being very short but I can still remember the way the energy changed for me when Britney arrived - I felt more peaceful, strong, and supported! The techniques we had talked about for so many weeks virtually were definitely paying off in practice! My partner and I both looked at each other after Britney left following the birth of our daughter and said, "Thank goodness she was there with us! It was 1000x a better experience because she was our doula. And we are so grateful for her constant support and calm energy." If you haven't noticed yet, CALM was a huge part of the process with Britney and that is something you definitely want during birth when everything else feels so hectic. Britney, we love you and cannot wait until you can see our daughter in person again :)

First off, let me just say that Britney is SO SO knowledgeable. Like whoah. I had no idea how much I didn't know and am so glad that we decided to work with Britney. She really set us up for success and put is in a position where nothing would catch us off guard. Especially for first time parents, there is a lot of information that we never would have come across on our own. Knowing what to expect really put us at ease. Giving birth during a quarantine is stressful enough and Britney's confidence and care took a lot of that stress off of us. She was a strong presence in the hospital as well and really advocated for what we wanted. Once labor starts, everything becomes so hectic and it was amazing to have such a calm and experienced doula with us the whole way. I honestly can't imagine going through it without her and we highly recommend Britney to any expecting parents!

Britney was an invaluable part of my twin pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period. Both my husband and I enjoyed working with Britney and we can't recommend her enough. I ended up having an unplanned c-section and went under general anesthesia. Britney was a great comfort to my husband, who met the twins before I did. She helped him do skin-to-skin with the babies, took photos, and generally kept him company, which he really needed during those stressful hours. In my postpartum period, I greatly benefited from Britney's ongoing check-ins and expertise. She connected me with a resource to help me process my traumatic birth experience. She also helped us find a sleep coach when my twins hit the 4-month sleep regression. Britney even made us a vegan dinner when I had to give-up dairy due to my daughter's allergy. Britney has a calm, kind and approachable demeanor, which instantly put us at ease. She is a doula that will support your partner and your children with the same care that she provides to you. Britney will also "go the extra mile," so to speak, to make your birth/pospartum experience feel meaningful. I will absolutely recommend Britney to all the parents-to-be in my community!

When we first started to think about birth my husband and I thought that between the 2 of us we were fully capable of handling the demands of labor. After we went to our first birthing class it quickly became clear that we needed a coach; a doula that could help us with the emotional and physical needs of labor. I found Britney through a happy accident; she was working for Swedish Doulas when I happened to call and from our simple phone conversation I knew she would be the doula to help us with our birth journey. She met with us several times before our due date and showed us different positions to manage the pain of labor. She worked with myself and my husband to develop some techniques to focus ourselves when labor came. She also walked us through how we would communicate and handle life as parents. She was fabulous and made me feel that I was more capable and strong than I might have imagined. Unfortunately, due to timing, she was not able to be with us at the birth (our baby was overdue and she was out of the country). She arranged for a back up doula that was amazing as well. We were so bummed that Britney could not be with us when our son arrived. She has such great energy and a sweet, calming voice. She called us as soon as she got back in the country and set up a post-partum appointment. We felt very supported by her.I highly recommend Britney for their doula!

Britney was a pleasure to be around from the beginning. We met at a coffee shop to get to know each other. She was the only doula we interviewed because when we walked to the car after the meeting, I said to my partner that we don't need to look any further. Britney has a graceful confidence about her. I knew from the get go that she would hold her ground and advocate for me the way I needed. I'm a strong willed person, so she needed to be able to handle me too. She is reliable, honest, consistent. She is a great communicator. She said just the right thing to me at just the right time during my labor. Britney, without a doubt, helped me achieve the birth experience that I planned and wanted. And I knew if things had gone sideways, she would have been calm under pressure and helped us navigate any challenge that came our way. I will never forget her. She will forever be part of our story. I plan to stay in touch with her always and invite her to be part of any future births for our family.

Britney is an amazing doula! From the moment we met Britney my partner and I felt very comfortable with her. Britney is kind, friendly, funny, and insightful. Communicating with Britney was a breeze; she was very responsive- even at 2am! Her communication was clear, direct, and friendly- exactly what we needed in a doula! Britney met with us twice before the birth and helped us think of fun ideas such as decorating the birthing room. She also checked in on me on my due date and helped me deal with my emotions of going a week past my due date. During the birth Britney was an excellent mix of being attentive and also knowing when to fade into the background to give my partner and I some alone time. Britney was a huge support both physically in positions and emotionally for us. Her positivity and encouragement set the tone for us. Britney's intuition and ability to "read the room" and give suggestions were spot on. Britney was a great advocate and liaison between us and the medical staff. For example, Britney noticed that my epidural drip push button was not working and I was not getting the extra pain meds that I needed. She communicated with the nurse and got this fixed for us, without her I would have been surviving on the placebo effect. She also went above and beyond by going to the store to buy me gummy bears when we found out the hospital cafeteria was all out, providing me with essential oils, taking pictures/videos for us, and navigating our many family members present in the room after the birth. I would certainly hire Britney again!

Are you having your first baby? Or babies? Then you need a birth doula. There's a lot of stuff in the hospital you won't be aware of since you haven't done it before, but birth doulas have. They tell you what to expect in each stage, whether something seems weird to them based on their dozens of sessions, and even where to sit or stand in the operating room. They're invaluable. Britney was an easy choice for our birth doula. She was warm, welcome, and non-judgemental. She asked for consent when showing my wife how she would help cope with labor pains. Communicating with her was easy. When the time come, when my wife's water broke at 3AM on the day we were due to go in for an afternoon c-section, she took my early morning phone call without a problem. We met in the OB triage room and she stayed with us for six hours, until the grandparents came in. I was so nervous in the operating room, but she was there to help me through my anxiety. My wife appreciated her input on how the hospital staff were treating us (very well, our birth experience was a breeze).Hire a birth doula. Hire Britney. She's awesome.

Britney is an exceptional listener. I had a lot of fear about childbirth. She heard my concerns, helped me frame them in a manageable way, and even helped me get excited for the fun and happy moments of labor (which DO exist!). She learned what coping techniques work best for me and reminded me to use them, even during the postpartum period. Britney learned to read me and anticipate my needs, without my saying a thing. She also remembered to check in with my partner before, during, and after the birth. Importantly, I had FUN working with Britney. My pregnancy and labor were filled with jokes, laughter, dancing, and gummy bears. Throughout labor, I was surprised to hear myself saying, “I could totally do this again.”  Britney played an important role in my very positive birth experience. She worked hard to make me feel secure and powerful. My only regret is not calling her sooner once my contractions started. I highly, highly recommend Britney as a birth doula. I hope to work with Britney again for baby #2 someday.

Britney is a fantastic doula. She was kind & caring while also being professional & respectful of our beliefs & “birth plan” (such as it was). Britney was also instrumental in preparing us for the birth of our twins and fleshing our our birth plan. Britney helped the birth go very smoothly. Unfortunately, one of our babies had terminal complications after birth, and Britney was amazing support & helped council (and console) us through the time we spent in the NICU and afterwards, as well.We highly recommend Britney to anyone seeking doula services. She is amazing.

I loved having Britney as a doula. I think that's actually an understatement. It was life-changing. To start, it was incredible to meet her beforehand and get a sense of how she could support my partner and me during birth. We both felt so close to her and so comfortable by the time we gave birth. In the end it was so important to have someone we knew with us. It also turned out to be really important to have her helping me physically throughout labor. My partner was able to be by my side as an emotional support while she supported me physically as my partner's touch would make my contractions too strong. She was able to advocate for our needs and help connect us with the nurse and midwife.  They trusted her as a doula and she was able to give us a sense of how things were going to go. She was so open, honest and present through out the experience and I honestly believe I could not have done it without her. There is nothing I would change about my experience except maybe I would have another baby just to be able to see her more!! My partner feels the same way. He felt like he was really seen and was given the support he needed to be the non-birthing partner. She was able to listen to all of our needs and remembered our birth plan even when we didn't. She is very knowledgeable and even when she wasn't sure of an answer to one of our questions, she would take her time, figure it out and get back to us. I am so forever grateful. Everyone should hire Britney as a doula. What an amazing experience. I will also add that we were induced and ended up having an unplanned c-section after 15 hours of labor. Still an experience I will never forget and cherish forever..mostly because of Britney.

My husband and I hired Britney just a couple weeks before my due date and Britney bent over backward to make the experience as positive and supportive as possible. She made two home visits that covered all the hospital choices and birth plan options. She introduced us to various contact positions like the hip squeeze and overall ensured that we were as comfortable as possible in a short period of time. When I went into labor a week early and Britney was already in another delivery, she immediately got us in touch with a back-up doula who was fabulous. Our back-up, Amanda, supported us until Britney was able to arrive around 3AM. Britney was professional, positive, informative, and very easy to work with all the way through the post-natal visit. She even took photos which was something I did not think of at all in the moment. I highly recommend Britney for anyone searching for a knowledgeable and personable doula. She is worth her weight in gold.

I found Britney on Swedish Doula site and found her to be more professional and empathetic in her communication style. In our first meeting, she outlined her role in the labor process clearly and understood my birth preferences and what kind of support i was expecting from her. On the day of my labor, she was in constantly communicating with me and my husband and was with us through out the labor for almost 12 hours (which went through out the night). I cannot imagine giving birth to my son without Britney. Her physical and mental support was priceless. She cares more about her client's birth preferences and tries her best to enable them to meet them even when they give up during the intense labor process. She is very knowledgeable and does not hesitate to ask questions to the nurses and doctors on various drugs and methods recommended during labor to make sure you are well informed to take the right decisions through out the day. I recommend Britney to anyone looking for a Doula, though she is an apprentice, I can guarantee she is as good as a professional!

Britney was awesome and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.  I decided I wanted a doula about 5 weeks before I was due, and I was so so grateful that I did.  Britney was calm and supportive.  She talked through all the decisions I had to make throughout my birthing experience and helped me to feel comfortable trusting my instincts.  She made it clear that she was readily available for me before I had the baby, as soon as my labor started, and post partum.  My husband and I were both thrilled with our experience with Britney.  I’d highly recommend her to anyone considering a doula!

Britney was great from the beginning and I knew right away that I wanted her as our doula. I enjoyed all of the knowledge and tips she shared with me during our two prenatal meetings. Britney was very attentive in her listening to my desires and fears, and she helped me create a birth plan that I felt confident in. After our meetings and while we were waiting for the Big Day, Britney would send me texts of encouragement that I loved! Once labor began, Britney was very prompt in getting to the hospital, immediately assessed the situation, and got straight to work. To say that my labor was tough would be an understatement, but she was there through the thick and thin of it. She did a great job of adjusting to my needs and showed my husband how to be hands on. Britney used all sorts of techniques from massage, counter-pressure, visualization, and aromatherapy. These techniques worked great! Like I said, my labor was tough and my husband ended up needing to follow our son to the NICU immediately; Britney was my rock through everything! She protected me and advocated for me during a time that I couldn’t. I know that my husband felt relieved that he could trust her to take care of me when his attention needed to be elsewhere. Britney went above and beyond what she needed to do by making sure that I was comfortable in my recovery suite and by visiting us during our ten day stay in the hospital. After both my son and I were discharged, her postnatal visit helped us process my delivery and find closure. If you are trying to find a doula that is right for you, PLEASE consider Britney! She is caring, compassionate, thorough, knowledgeable, and just hands down amazing!! I don’t know what I would have done without her and I’m so happy that she got to share in our joy of welcoming our firstborn.